A new way to grow a freight brokerage

You've worked hard to build your freight brokerage to this point, now it's time to grow to the next level.

We build software for the next generation of brokers to grow and disrupt the freight industry.

Execute smarter

Spend less time managing shipments

Quote Factory is built for freight brokers with a focus on executing shipments smarter. Innovative coverage tools allow you to find the right carrier in seconds. Quote, book, and track LTL easier than ever before. React to at-risk shipments before they become a problem.

While these features alone make for a great TMS, the real benefit is that your time is now free to focus on things that really drive growth…

Strong relationships

Find value in human connections

We can help you better understand your customers and carriers. Take notes and track interactions with our integrated CRM tools. Gain insights on customer shipping habits and spot those who may have more loads you can win.

Bottom line: serving people better is how you get more shipments.

Smooth exchanges

Communicate easily with shippers & carriers

Account for everything

Balance both sides

Keeping an eye on the financials is critical to the future of any brokerage. Our unique view of both bills and invoices for each shipment helps keep things from falling through the cracks.

Sync with Quickbooks. Stay organized and on track by automatically syncing customer invoices to Quickbooks.

Build your team

Scale happens when working in unison

Expanding your team at this stage is essential but risky. Onboarding and retaining the right talent can make or break you. We focus on “ease-of-use” just for this reason. Get new recruits up-to-speed faster and keep the employees and agents you have… happier.

If your TMS looks and feels like a spreadsheet, your team deserves more.

Training made simple

We have dozens of training videos that allow your new recruits to get-up-to-speed... fast.

View videos

Quote Factory grows brokerages through a mix of industry changing software and targeted freight transportation consultation

Don't wait for growth, create it.

The single best lever for change is upgrading your freight brokerage software. If you're worried about the pain of transitioning, don't be.

Helping you grow isn't just a bullet point, it's our mission. We want to personally show you how Quote Factory can take your brokerage to the next level.

Included in each plan
  • Unlimited users
  • Post to load boards
  • QuickBooks integration
  • LTL carrier rates
  • Customer portal
  • TL carrier onboarding
  • Fast setup
  • Import assist